Lenovo K80 Is A $300 Super Phone!

Lenovo had just unveiled its next major device, the K80. This upcoming smartphone automatically caught everyone’s attention as it looks to come with insane specs and also a super-cheap price tag.

In detail, the K80 is going to retail under $300 when released and it will feature a large 1080p 5.5” display. The device is powered by the newly-developed 64bit Intel Atom processor with 4GB of RAM and a whopping 4000mAh battery.

Surely, the K80 is going to be a serious performer when released and it will also offer a smooth and stutter-free Android experience. Many are already indicating that they will love to purchase the K80, even if it is for a backup device.

With a strong anticipation for the K80 shown by the masses, the device might just be the Samsung Galaxy S6 killer everyone is waiting for. We are eager to find out on this ourselves and can’t wait for the K80’s arrival next month.

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