Legend Of Zelda Live-Action Series For Netflix?

Netflix started off as a video streaming platform but now, it seems that the firm has evolved into a production house. This is further highlighted when new rumours surfaced to suggest that Netflix is already working on their first major series.

In detail, rumours are indicating that Netfilx is going to make a live-action series of the popular gaming franchise, Legends of Zelda. The series will centre around Link in the world called Hyrule. Link will be out on a quest to save Zelda, just like how it is in the games.

Of course, Netflix has yet to make official reveals on this but their latest job ad hints on some truths coming from the rumour. The company is looking for writers to work on a show that is going to be like Game of Thrones but for a family audience.

As exciting as this sound, it is still best to take the above with a pinch of salt. On the other hand, the rumours have got everyone interested and many are wondering on how the live-action series will be made like.

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