LeEco LeSee Pro Taking A Break From Filming

If you’ve watched the new Transformer: The Last Knight trailer, you would have noticed the LeEco LeSee Pro running around in the trailer. Well, the vehicle took a break from filming and made an appearance at the CES 2017 this year giving us all a better look at the new LeEco LeSee Pro.

The LeEco LeSee Pro looked amazing and with all the tech and gimmick that the interior has, we got to say that it feels more impressive than the Tesla model. When the autonomous mode was engaged, the steering wheel will automatically retract into the dash freeing up the space for the driver.

Of course, this is not a production-ready model yet and we know that we will probably never see this on the road but if they do decide to release a model like this, Tesla will probably have to be very worried.

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