LeEco Le Max 2 Pro Will Come With A Dual Camera

It looks like every smartphone manufacturer that wants to be taken seriously now will have to offer their premium smartphone with a dual camera lens. The next to join the trend could be LeEco as new leaked images of their upcoming smartphones was released online.

The new set of images were found on Weibo. Uploaded by @KJumia, the leaker claimed that the images were leaked by a LeEco employee. If you take a look at the back the device, it is clear that there is a dual camera unit in the back with a flash.

The button below the camera should be the fingerprint scanner. Not only will they be following the dual camera trend but it looks like they will also be hoping on the curved screen train as the device in the image seems to be sporting an edge to edge curved screen.

Most people believe that the device could be the Le Max 2 Pro but we won’t know for sure until LeEco reveals it. Of course, the image could be a hoax as well so take it with a pinch of salt.

Check out the leaked images here.

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