Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailers Tell It All

Checking out the video above will give Kingdom Hearts fans a rough idea on what is bound to happen in the upcoming title, Kingdom Hearts 3. The video creator has created his full analysis on the things that are coming in Kingdom Hearts 3 and they are all sourced from the game’s trailers.

Just from the clip that was unveiled at the last E3, fans can see that the characters in the game are now wearing different costumes. Also, the Keyblade can transform into more weapons. This is proven when Sora pulled out a pair of gun from his Keyblade.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be running on the new Unreal Engine 4 as the game looks to launch on the Xbox One and PS4. With the new game engine, fans can look forward to enjoying the best graphics in the game.

As for the plot, it is confirmed that Sora, Donald and Goofy will be on a quest to search for the seven guardians of light and the Key to Return Hearts. Miki and Riku, on the other hand, will be on a quest to seek out other Keyblade wielders in the universe.