Kingdom Hearts 3: More Details Before E3 2017?

We are hoping to hear more about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 this year and while some people think that Square Enix will be revealing more at E3 this year, others think that we might be getting the details before E3 2017.

Since this march is the 15th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, some people believe that Square Enix will be doing something special for the franchise and that could mean a special trailer or announcement.

The last trailer we saw was release back in 2015 which means it is about time we get a new trailer for the game. Square Enix said then that they are still waiting for some of the worlds to get approve, hopefully, we get to hear more about that as well.

Some fans are saying that the game will make it this year but we think that 2018 is a more likely window. Protection Status