Kingdom Hearts 3: August 28 Release Is Not Debatable

Kingdom Hearts 3 might already be in the final stages of production but unfortunately, nobody but Square Enix has the slightest clue on when the game will be ready for a release. Well, this isn’t the case for popular lady figure, Baba Vanga.

The gifted individual who is well known for her premonitions had just received a new vision and it suggests that Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to get released in August 28 this year.

In detail, Baba Vanga saw a third title to a highly popular franchise creating a global phenomenon when it makes its debut on August 28. While Baba Vanga didn’t specifically mention the name of the game, we can safely assume it to be Kingdom Hearts 3.

This is because there is no other third sequel that is in development and the Kingdom Hearts franchise is a highly popular brand. Obviously, Kingdom Hearts 3 is the game that is bound to create a global madness.

Of course, there is no way to confirm Baba Vanga’s latest vision so one should take it with many grains of salt. Then again, fans should note that Baba Vanga was spot on with her premonition on the 1998 stock market crash and the 9/11 terror attack so it is best not to take the above lightly. Protection Status