GTA 5: Enough With Heist, Bring Out The Zombie! [Rumour]

Rockstar has single-handedly restored the popularity in GTA 5 after launching the Heist DLC but it didn’t take long for the pressure to return to the game developer after a handful of players begin to question on the next major DLC coming to the game.

As of today, it seems that nobody but a hacker knows on what the next DLC is going to be all about. The hacker revealed earlier today that he was snooping inside GTA 5’s source code and discovered the file name ‘main_ZMB’.

The hacker then indicated that the mysterious file is a placeholder for a future DLC and the ZMB in the file name is short for zombies. In other words, the next major DLC coming to GTA 5 is going to be a zombie-themed DLC.

Fans would really love the idea of having a Zombie DLC in GTA 5 as it will give the game something really different to enjoy. Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm on the hacker’s findings yet so it is important to take it with a pinch of salt.


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