Jeep Wrangler: A New Way To Make A Living

It looks like FCA is really trying to tighten up the security of their models. Earlier this week, it was reported that a hacker managed to get into and drive off with a 2010 Jeep Wrangler.

While it was later determined that the thief might have gotten in using an empty key which has been coded to match the vehicle, FCA is still trying to make sure their vehicle is as safe as possible.

FCA has announced that they will be rewarding any hacker who are able to find out the vulnerabilities in their software. Hackers will be rewarded from $150 to $1500 depending on what they discovered.

The reward system will encourage people to try and hack into FCA and hopefully by doing that, FCA will be able to find out and fix the flaws that their software might have before they become a real threat to their customers.

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