iPhone 8 Could Arrive Much Later Than iPhone 7s

All things are pointed towards three new iPhones from Apple this year although two will be the iPhone 7s while the other will be the iPhoen 8 but new reports are now saying that instead of an iPhone 8, what we will be getting is actually called the iPhone Edition which we thinks makes more sense since it will be odd for Apple to release the 7s and 8 in the same year.

Based on what we know, we know that the iPhone Edition or iPhone 8 will arrive as the top of the range model and that it will be the one that gets all the new features and tech from Apple.

While most people believe that we will be seeing these three smartphones together, Macotakara has now said that the iPhone Edition might arrive a little later than the others.

It is believed that the delay is because Apple needed more time to perfect the device but some fans think that they are doing that so that the other two lower range iPhone will have a chance to shine before it gets overshadowed by the iPhone Edition.

There were already talks about the iPhone Edition possibly sporting a curved screen display as well as wireless charging but our advice is to take it all with a pinch of salt first until Apple announces it.

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