‘iPhone 7′ Hits Shenzen Stores, Greatest Knockoff Ever!

Come September this year, Apple will be launching the all-new iPhone 7 and there is no doubt that the device is going to be better than the latest iPhone 6. The image above basically shows how the future iPhone 7 is going to look like.

The surprising thing is that the above iPhone 7 is already going on sale in China but thankfully though, it is not the official thing. This is a relief as the iPhone 7 looks so real.

However, the device is nothing more than another knockoff that is developed by some Chinese company. One of our Chinese readers from Shenzen shared with us that it is actually an Android smartphone that is tweaked to look like the iPhone.

Even the OS too are tweaked with iOS layout. However, when opening the App Store, the user will be redirected to the Google Play Store.

China is great for many things and this includes creating the best knockoff of an original product. It is simply unlikely for Apple to launch their prime product over in China first before the rest of the world.

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