iPhone 6S Release Date Clues Be Dropping

Are you hanging on to wait and see what Apple reveals by way of the iPhone 6S before purchasing a new phone? There are rumours going around that Apple could be about to launch the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus towards the end of this year. It is also speculated that we will see them reveal the iPhone 6C, which is the cheaper version. But what might we see from the new phone?

Force Touch technology could be one of the features as this is seen on the Apple Watch along with the Mac computers. It allows devices to register the different amounts of pressure and then respond. The device will know the difference between a feather touch or a press that is more forceful.

Apple will want to make improvements to the components in the camera of the handset along with the software. It is possible that with the iPhone 6S Apple could increase the megapixel count. We have heard that it may be possible that the camera will have a 12MP unit. It could have decreased shutter lag, better colour and low light performance that is much better. The video capture could also be improved and this would make it the biggest jump up to the camera that we have seen from Apple.

The new iPhone could have a new processor from Apple and this may be in the form of the A9 processor with brand new architecture. This would mean better battery life and improvements to the performance.

Apple could include 2GB of RAM and this would mean that the performance of the phone would be better. The low power mode that comes with iOS 9 along with components that are more efficient would go a long way to improving the battery life.

The iPhone 6S may come with a SIM card pre-installed and this would mean that owners would be able to take out mobile data plans with the carrier of their choice from within the settings of the phone.

The iPhone 6S may be made using the 7000 Series aluminium like the Apple Watch Sport and this would make it more sturdy. This would make the device 60% harder than the iPhone 6 Plus and its aluminium.


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