What Happened To Cause The Hour Long Flat Line In the Shanghai Market Recently?

For one hour recently there was an hour long flat line in the Shanghai market which was really strange. So what was happening during that hour when nothing happened?

From early morning the line was going up and down as expected, taking some dips and then rising. But then things began to get strange as for around one hour the line was even, not one single fall or rise, perfectly even, so what happened during this time?

Could there have been some mysterious happenings going on in the Shanghai market? Well actually no. It seems that the reason for the long line is that it was simply lunch time and nothing was happening.

This revelation came around after someone pointed out that exchanges in Asia do take lunch breaks and it seems that the one in Shanghai is among them. If you check it out you will find that the exchange has a lunch from 11.30 to 13.00 and this is the exact time that the line went flat and remained flat before then picking back up again and moving.

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