iPhone 6: Which Feature Is The Best?

There is no disputing the fact that the latest Apple iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones in the world right now. The iPhone 6 was released with so many new functions and improvements to offer but when it comes to naming the best feature on the device, we believe it to be the speakers.

Despite the strong criticism on the iPhone 6’s speakers positioning, it does not mean that the feature is bad. The speakers on the iPhone 6 are surprisingly great. It offers a high quality sound output that is both loud and clear.

We actually tested out the iPhone 6’s speakers yesterday and were in love with it. When in a small bedroom, we were allowed to watch videos together in a small group without requiring the aid of external speakers. Heck, nobody in the group have to position their ears near the iPhone 6’s speaker to get a better listen.

When on the outdoors, the iPhone 6 speakers performed similarly well. With such powerful sound box, there is no need for an external speaker at all.

With that being said, we can confirm that the iPhone 6 speakers are the best feature on the device. When compared to other smartphones, we dare say that the iPhone 6 is second best to the HTC One M8, although the difference is not that huge.