2015 Mazda CX-5: New Form Plastic Supply In Order

Mazda announced earlier today that they have developed bio-based engineering plastic for use on a car’s exterior. This new production is said to be more effective than conventional plastic and is also cheaper to create.

In detail, the new-form plastic is made of plant-derived material which eliminates the need of petroleum. This also means that CO2 emission is cut down in the production of bio-based plastic. Furthermore, the item can be dyed so there is no painting needed.

As for the structure, bio-based plastic is more durable and higher quality than conventional plastic. It is also able to resist more heat too. Mazda concluded their announcement by saying that the newly developed material will be used on the Mazda MX-5.

Of course, the latter is simply the tip of the iceberg. Car junkies can look forward to bio-based plastic being a standard for Mazda vehicles this year, including the upcoming CX-5 facelift.

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