iPhone 6 16GB: It’s A Bad Purchase

The Apple iPhone 6 was released back in September this year and is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones in history. Then again, every great thing can be bad if consumers didn’t carefully research their purchase.

For the iPhone 6, the issue is with the 16GB internal storage. It has been forewarned time and time again that 16GB is not enough for the iPhone 6 and yet, many users keep on buying it and found themselves regretting in about a week later.

Perhaps, the consumers’ desire to own the iPhone 6 fast can be the catalyst to make this common mistake. After all, stocks are fairly limited on launch day and price can also be very steep for the iPhone 6. With this two variables combined, most consumers ended up regretting buying the 16GB iPhone 6.

In detail, 16GB of space is never enough. With such a storage size, users can either download apps or take pictures. There is no way they could utilize the iPhone 6 for both without getting warned on low storage space on a daily basis.

Heck, this is not to say that 32GB is sufficient too. With apps growing larger in size, what is best for consumers is the 64GB iPhone 6. It gets worse for consumers since the iPhones don’t have support for external storage options.

Apple is probably smiling right now as they wouldn’t care since they have already bagged the profits. The Cupertino-based company is aware of the space needs in today’s time and yet they still offer the 16GB iPhone 6.

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