Titanfall 2 PS4 Release Date Is Now Real?

Titanfall was launched earlier this year and it is undoubtedly the best MMO-Shooter game around. Titanfall is simply so great that it thoroughly deserves a sequel. Of course, things could have been a lot better if Titanfall isn’t tied up to Microsoft.

To be precise, even Sony PlayStation gamers are also in love with Titanfall and they would love to see the game coming to the PS4. With the latter doubling the Xbox One in sales, Respawn Entertainment could have earned a lot more money if they had turned Titanfall into a multi-platform title.

Well, this might just happen with Titanfall 2. The idea was teased after Respawn was spotted at the recent PlayStation Experience event. Being a Microsoft-funded game developer, there seems to be no need for Respawn to partake in any Sony-related event at all. This is unless Respawn is going to launch Titanfall 2 on both the Xbox One and PS4.

On another note, Respawn is also looking to hire a senior system designer. The position requires “Experience working on 3rd person action/adventure games, demonstrating major contributions in the areas of hero control schemes, enemy design, navigation mechanics, and combat.”

The problem here is that such a position is already occupied by a lad currently working in the Xbox version of Titanfall 2. If there is a need for another guy, it is probably for the Titanfall 2 on the PS4.

Then again, the above are nothing more than speculations. As such, it is important to take the above with a pinch of salt but continue hoping for Titanfall 2 to turn into a multi-platgormer


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