iPad Pro & iPhone 6S: What We Already Know

There is no doubt that Apple will be launching a new generation of mobile smart devices this September and they will all be coming with tons of new features as well as innovations to offer.

For starters, both the iPad Pro and the highly anticipated iPhone 6S are hinted to come with a sidewall display. After witnessing the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Apple believes that the sides of the devices can benefit from an extra screen.

Also, the touchscreen on the aforementioned devices will be more accurate than before. In conjunction to that, there is a possibility for the iPhone 6S to come with a curved display. This is said to work with the OLED screen being cushioned on layers of stiffener and foam.

In terms of security, Apple will be introducing a high-end face detection feature that will be paired together with the TouchID. This will make it more difficult to steal an iPhone 6S or the iPad Pro.

On a final note, both the iPad Pro and the iPhone 6S will be coming with revolutionary cameras that are tuned to take pictures like a pro. Also, the cameras will come with a new technology that allows capturing images in 3D.

Of course, Apple has yet to elaborate on all of the above features but they are all discovered if one is to study the patents registered by Apple last month.

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