iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire: Which Is Better?

The iPad Mini has long served the masses as the perfect PC-like companion that offers rich content, ease of internet access and tons of apps. The Amazon Kindle Fire, on the other hand, is a perfect reader’s tools with simple entertainment functions.

To purchase the right tablet, you will need to identify your needs. The iPad in particular is not really necessary as it functions like a smartphone, except for the fact that the screen is larger. It is also really expensive to buy an iPad Mini as the 16GB Wi-Fi-only model cost $250.

Then again, the iPad Mini makes a great Christmas gift for your children since it is well equipped with content filtering and parental management features already built in.

For the Amazon Kindle Fire, things work differently. You will need to create a profile for the device but upon doing so; you can instantly access the tons of e-books and movies offered by Amazon. The tablet runs on a quad-core processor and measures 7” in screen size. Nevertheless, the Amazon Kindle Fire is considerably cheaper as it retails at $140.

Despite that fact, you will need to spend a bit more to enjoy 16GB of internal memory since the tablet is really limited with its storage space. The good news is that you can also enjoy the many Amazon subscriptions like FreeTime Unlimited at $4/month. Also, the battery can last for weeks if used for reading only.

So this leads us back to square one in deciding the better device. By way of function, we say the iPad Mini from Apple is the better choice. However, if reading is the priority, then the Kindle Fire should serve you well for a cheaper price.