Infiniti QX50 SUV “The First Of Its Kind”

Now that they have shown the world that they are a serious competitor when it comes to design and looks, Infiniti is now focusing their effort on the engines.

According to Autocar, Infiniti is currently working on a new V6 engine that they will be using in some of the upcoming models. They also added that the engine will be the first of its kind. By using variable compression ratio technology, the Infiniti engine will be sipping like it was a diesel engine but has a power of a petrol engine.

They did not reveal the model that will be running on the engine but some believe that the upcoming Infiniti QX50 could be the first to come in with the new engine. If that is true, we might be seeing the engine in 2018.

The new engine and the new exterior design should help the Infiniti QX50 get all the attention it needs.

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