HTC Vive Price Announced, Fans Still Have A Hard Time Accepting

We do agree that VR could very well be the future of gaming but it looks like it might not be now as gaming fans seem to be having a hard tome accepting the fact these VR headsets will not be cheap to own.

Fans were outraged when Oculus Rift revealed that their consumer version of the VR headset will be selling for $600. People were expecting the device to cost half of that so you can imagine how shock there were.

Now HTC has come out to announce that their HTC Vive VR headset will retail for $799 in the US and the fans are equally furious about it. The HTC Vive headset will be coming in with the headset unit, two wireless controllers, earbuds, two base stations, as well as a link box.

This is not the only VR headset we will be seeing this year and base on how much this VR headset are selling for, we are expecting the others to also come with similar price tag.


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