HTC One M9: Achilles Heel Is The Camera Lens

If you are to check out the video above, you will see a HTC One M9 owner performing a durability test on his device. The lad tried out many things and most of them involved scratching the smartphone with sharp objects.

The display screen is made of Gorilla Glass 4 so it was not surprising to see it being scratchproof. However, when the razor is applied on the camera lens, it cracked immediately.

The tester claims that he applied little to no pressure when attempting to scratch the camera lens and before he knows it, it shattered while still being embedded at the rear of the One M9.

Since the camera lens is made of sapphire lens, many thought that it will be tough and durable. However, the wide lens rear camera on the One M9 turns out to be a brittle component and the Achilles for the device.

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