Honda Wants To Turn All Their Drivers Into Superman

There are times when you just want to know what is in front of that tall truck or vehicle in front of you. Well, it seems like Honda is trying to make that possible or at least that is what they patent files are suggesting.

From what we can see, the new Honda tech would allow their drivers to see more. Using the head-up display and a new tech, the system will allow the driver to view their surrounding. The first patent suggests that the driver would be able to see and detect multiple ease strains around the vehicle. The display will show the driver where they are at on an AR HUD.

The second patent will allow the driver to keep track of the other vehicles. For the system to work, all cars in the traffic will have to have the V2V system. The first car will communicate with the car in the back to calculate the distance between them and the car in the middle would communicate with the car in the back and that does on. The vehicle will the record the information and display the information to the driver so that the driver to see what is going on in front of the front car.

We could see how this new system would help make driving a lot safer. As for when it will be arriving, that is a whole other question.


Steven Estevez

I am an automotive journalist with 15 years of experience. I am writing articles for the Motoring Crunch magazine. I love everything related to cars, trucks and pickups, as well as motorcycles. My contact e-mail: [email protected]