PS4 Pro Multiplayer Will Still Have An Advantage Over Standard PS4

Since the new PS4 Pro will allow players to play games at a higher framerate, they will have a slight advantage over players that are playing with the standard PS4. To even things out, Sony has announced that multiplayer games on the Playstation 4 Pro will run at the same framerate as the standard model.

While that would help make things a little more even, standard PS4 players think that the PS4 Pro players will still have a slight advantage. With the Ps4 Pro coming with a better specs, it would be able to render thing at a distance which means PS4 Pro players will be able to see players first before the standard PS4 players spot them.

Some players also think that nerfing the PS4 Pro defeats the purpose of getting the PS4 Pro. The reason they would want to get one is because it is more powerful and offer a better gaming experience. Some players were also hoping that Sony could find a way to keep the framerate high if they are playing with other PS4 Pro players.

What do you think of Sony decision to hold back the PS4 Pro?

Steven Estevez

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