Honda CR-V: Honda Not Taking Sides

The Honda CR-V has always been one of Honda’s best seller. With its great fuel efficiency numbers and performance, the CR-V manage to stay on the top all these years but in Honda’s eyes, all their models deserve the same treatment.

According to Honda, their Honda CR-V is no better than their Honda Accord and Honda Civic and it is said that Honda had never felt like they need to boost the Honda CR-V since the SUV is the leader.

While the Honda Civic and Honda Accord is not doing as well as the CR-V, they are still doing pretty well in a market that seems to be losing interest in sedans. The new Honda Civic with its new design has gotten a lot of attention and the same will most likely happen when Honda brings in the upgraded Honda Accord as well.

It is believe that the new Honda Accord could be coming with a new design based on the Civic and that it will be riding on the same platform and will be powered by the same engine.

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