Hitman: Next Target Decided, Ample Time Available

The results for the online campaign are in and it looks like we have the next target for Hitman’s Elusive Target.

Fans were asked to vote between Gary Busey and Gary Cole and they ended up picking Gary Busey. It has now been revealed that Busey will be arriving on the 21st of July and players will have seven days to take him down.

Gary Busey will be located in Sapienza which means you will need to own that DLC if you plan to track him down and kill him withing the allotted time. We do not know why players were given so much time this time but it could suggest that they are going to make thing harder for the players.

They did say that they will be making the mission harder as they want to keep it tense and exciting. We still do not know the reward for completing this Elusive target mission.

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