Halo Online Not Free Anymore But Nobody Seems To Care

In case you have not heard of it, the Free-to-play online has now been canceled by Microsoft. While it might seem like a big thing, nobody seems to really care. Maybe because it wasn’t offered in most of the region.

As for why they decided to cancel the Halo Online, some fans are saying it is probably because there was not a whole lot of people actually playing it because of the game being available only in Russia.

Other think that they are doing that so that people will pay more attention to Forge Creator. There were a few that things that this could mean that they are working to release the Full Halo game on PC but we think that is highly unlikely right now.

Some fans are still hoping that they would include PC in the future now that they have the Halo 5 engine on PC thanks to Forge Creator. What do you think?

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