Half Life 3 & The Source 2 Engine Mystery

It has been more than a decade since Half Life 2 was released and fans are in turmoil as they wait on for Half Life 3. Aside from wanting the game to debut, fans are also demanding an explanation on the long waiting period.

Of course, Valve has yet to even speak of Half Life 3 throughout the decade which leaves the fans searching for their own answers. Apparently, most of them assume that Valve couldn’t develop Half Life 3 because of the Source 2 game engine they are creating.

The next-generation technical element for games has been in the works behind Valve closed doors but the status of it remains a secret which only Valve knows. What made it more frustrating is that Valve is not going all-out with the development as they focus on producing other B-grade titles which fans can do fine without them.

It doesn’t help with every passing minute as the expectations for Half Life 3 to be explosive will never stop growing. Heck, even now, some worry that Valve couldn’t meet up with the fans’ demand and are struggling to find creative ideas to make Half Life 3 special.

With the Source 2 status remain stagnant; one can only assume that it is still not ready. On a positive side of things, fans can look forward to Half Life 3’s development to go at full throttle once the game engine is ready.


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