Half Life 3: The Final Hope

If gamers are to observe Valve closely, the game developer has this habit of pre-announcing games in a fun and interactive manner. This is evident with Portal 2. While the game is yet to make its debut, Valve announced it through an Easter egg in an ARG title.

This brings us to the highly controversial title, Half Life 3. For more than a decade already, fans have been kept waiting for the sequel to arrive but until today, there is still no sign of Half Life 3 anywhere.

Knowing that Valve has a different method in announcing games, it seems that the only way to confirm Half Life 3’s production is through conspiracy theories. After all, fans have already crafted so many theories that there is a possibility for a correct one to trigger Half Life 3’s confirmation.

For the Half Life enthusiasts, they have nothing to lose and have never stopped coming up with new conspiracies for Half Life 3. Some might see this as a ridiculous effort but it could just work.

Conspiracy theories appear to be the fans last hope to get Valve to announce Half Life 3 and it is best not to spoil the momentum.