Half Life 3 Steam Database Leak Is For Real!

Fans of the Half Life franchise that are waiting for Half Life 3 are about to see their patience getting paid off. After tirelessly waiting more than a decade for Half Life 3, new leaks and rumours have surfaced suggesting that the highly anticipated title is not far away from its debut.

This is evident after Valve’s very own Steam network was mistakenly updated with Half Life 3 on it. In detail, Steam listed the App 323900 on their database as Half Life 3. Of course, the reveal has already been removed by Valve.

Nevertheless, many Half Life fans manage to get a glimpse of it and has been on overdrive ever since. Now, rumours are pointing out that Valve’s Gabe Newell is plotting to announce Half Life 3 at this year’s the International 5 happening.

With that being said, fans should not hold back and start looking forward to the upcoming gaming event that is exclusively run by Valve. There is no need to take this with a pinch of salt as the fans have got nothing to lose.

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