2015 Toyota Yaris Review: Not Worth The Purchase

The Toyota Yaris has long served the masses as an ideal city car that is reliable, stylish and economical. Last year, Toyota launched a new-generation of Yaris and while it might be better than its predecessors, we highly advise consumers to stay away from it.

This is because the Yaris is actually not worth the price tag. The entry level model cost $15,670 and without a doubt, the Yaris is truly affordable to own. However, for that same amount of money, consumers can enjoy more fun, room and power from other vehicles like the Ford Fiesta and the Honda Fit.

We came up with this conclusion after testing out the Yaris yesterday and weren’t impressed by its offering. Yes, the Yaris did perform nicely with its new 1.5L 4-cylinder engine that develops 106hp and 103ft-lbs of torque but compared to its rivals, the hatchback is not that powerful.

On the bright side of things, the Yaris does well in saving drivers some petrol dollars. The hatchback returns 30mpg in the city, 37mpg on highways and 33mpg on combined conditions. The best part about the Yaris is probably its design. Gone are the days where a Toyota looks cheap as the Yaris looks sweet.

Then again, driving it is a big disappointment. Aside from the fact that it is underpowered, the Yaris is not comforting at all. The cabin is poorly insulated that even at 30mph; the noise created can be frustrating. This further justifies our conclusion that consumers should avoid the Toyota Yaris.

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