Half Life 3 Plotted: Turn Off The Lights

Seconds before it turned pitch black at the ending of Half Life 2, gamers witnessed Alyx grieving on the death of her father. If the plot is to continue, Alyx will then regroup with the G-Man, and together with the protagonist, launches a counter-attack at the Combine.

As the main characters group together, the Combine is working on using the Borealis which they have just acquired. Being a weapon of mass destruction, it is up to the player to stop the Combine and destroy the Borealis once and for all.

After so many enemy encounters and dramas, the player will then end up in the enemy’s headquarters where he manages to destroy the Borealis once and for all. The outcome will see the Combine being forced into full retreat, thus, restoring the peace in the universe.

For the Half Life fans, such a storyline will perfectly fit Half Life 3. After more than a decade discussing on every possible plot for the highly anticipated title, it seems that the above carries a lot of certainty that even the fan-made Half Life films utilized the above storyline.

With that being said, it is difficult to understand why Valve is still not producing Half Life 3. Whatever the reason may be, the problem is not with Half Life 3’s plot but something else instead.


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