Minecraft Xbox 360 TU18 Fireworks Feature Gets All The Attention

It was a bright night in the world of Minecraft on New Year’s Eve as players shoots tons of fireworks into the sky. This new feature was added together with TU18 mid last month and every player loves it.

Prior to New Year’s Eve, 4J Studio nurtured the players on how to develop the fireworks. The game developer shared that the fireworks can be built with gunpowder. Also, the amount of gunpowder used will determine the height and size of the explosion.

As for the shape, 4J Studio tipped mixing gunpowder with a special material. For instance, combining gunpowder with a golden nugget will lead to a star-shaped firework.

Aside from that, TU18 proved to be one of the biggest DLC that has ever been released to Minecraft on the Xbox 360. It offers tons of new contents such as new mobs, enemies and also horses.


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