Half Life 3: Nothing Kind From Gabe

E3 saw many great games getting announced by various game developers but not Half Life 3 from Valve. Apparently, Valve made no reveals at all on Half Life 3 and chose to remain silent when questioned about the highly anticipated title.

This is really disappointing for the Half Life fans as they were really hoping for Half Life 3 to get announced at this year’s E3. Well, that has failed to happen and Gabe has already forewarned about this.

If the fans are to think back to January this year, Gabe Newell shared that Half Life fans should know that Half Life is not in production and it won’t be coming out any time soon. Hence, Half Life fans should not hope for anything regarding Half Life 3 this year.

It might be very bitter of Gabe to share the above but the lad does have a point. The problem is that Gabe didn’t deny Half Life 3’s imminent release. As such, this strongly suggest that Half Life 3 is going to get produced in the future. The bigger question is, when?

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