Half Life 3: Making Portal 2 An Example

Half Life fans waiting for Half Life 3 have been very active on gaming forums lately to share their conspiracy theory on the highly anticipated sequel.

Apparently, the conspiracy theory is made with the hopes of getting Valve to come out and confirm on Half Life 3 production. For those that are unaware of this, the method in practice is inspired by Portal 2’s announcement.

In detail, Portal 2 was first discovered by a fan in an ARG title from Valve. The sequel to Portal was an Easter egg in the ARG and the person who discovered it wrote his conspiracy theory about it. The conspiracy theory was very accurate that it has forced Valve to announce on Portal 2’s development.

As such, Half Life fans too are hoping for a similar fate with their conspiracy theory. Non-Half Life fans might find this method ridiculous but after waiting more than a decade for Half Life 3, the community has got nothing to lose.

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