Half Life 3 Growing Conspiracy Theories Are Quite Interesting

Conspiracy theories involving gaming titles are rare to come by, unless you are a fan of the Half Life franchise. If so, then we fully understand the pain you are going through after being put on an unknown waiting period that have stretched past the decade mark.

Regardless, you shouldn’t stop believing and losing hope for Half Life 3 to get released. This little characteristic is what makes Half Life fans super special or for some, a nuisance. Never mind what people think but you shouldn’t stop coming up with new conspiracy theory.

It is very important since that is the only way Half Life fans can reach out to Half Life 3. To understand the matter, one needs to understand Valve. The game developer never liked the number 3. Just by looking at the release of Portal 2, Valve announced it through an ARG that is full of Easter Eggs. For Half Life 3, everything revolves around conspiracy theories.

Valve might not admit it but they have been monitoring the fans very closely. Until the right theory is made-up, only then will the game developer launch Half Life 3.