Half Life 3: Conspiracy Theories In Full Motion

Fans of the Half Life franchise are truly the most patient bunch of gamers as they are able to put up with a never ending wait for Half Life 3. The waiting time has already surpassed the decade mark and throughout the period, the fans have tried everything to get Valve to produce Half Life 3.

Unfortunately, Half Life 3 remains to be a mystery and the fans are down to their last tactic and that is making up conspiracy theories. Apparently, the Half Life community agreed that if they can get the right conspiracy theory, then Valve will give in and finally announce on Half Life 3.

For many, this might sound ridiculous but it just might work. After all, Valve has a funny way of pre-announcing games. Just by looking at the upcoming Portal 2, the title was confirmed after a fan discovered an Easter egg in an ARG title.

As such, Half Life fans should rally and come up with the right conspiracy theories while hoping for a confirmation by Valve. After going through a super-long wait, the Half Life fans have nothing to lose and conspiracy theories is worth a shot.


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