2015 Fisker Ford Mustang: Faith Restored In Henrik

Ford wrapped 2014 in style when the company launched a brand new generation of Mustang. However, their limelight was cut short after Henrik Fisker announced on his rendition of the sports sedan.

The lad the once worked for Ford and BMW is one of the world’s most renowned car designers and his passion was always to bring his automotive ideas to life. While Henrik might have failed to prove the masses when he started his own automotive company, the lad can forget about the tragic past now that his Mustang is becoming the centre of a huge buzz.

Developed together with Galpine Auto Sports, the custom tuned Mustang was built and design to restore the spirit of the old legendary 1968 Shelby GT500.

Well, Fisker has got his vision spot on as the Mustang came out with some strong aura of the great Shelby from the past. The sports sedan features an elongated hood with two massive intakes, a carbon-fiber hexagonal grille, re-sculpted fenders, a new decklid with integrated rear spoiler, and a beefy rear diffuser.

Under the hood, the Mustang is powered by a supercharged V8 that generates 725hp and it is driven on 21” wheels. To complete the package, the Fisker Mustang also exhibits one of the best handling as it comes with a new, fully adjustable suspension.

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