GTA 5 Zombies DLC Status Detailed By Hacker

The hacker that has been snooping around GTA 5’s program files have returned yesterday to unveil on his latest discovery. The lad was very vocal when he announced on various gaming forums that a post-apocalyptic DLC is very near its release.

This is evident after the hacker found a source code that bears the final name “main_ZMB”. The source code appears to be a placeholder for a massive DLC coming in the future and obviously, the ‘ZMB’ translates to zombies.

For months now, GTA 5 players have been hoping Rockstar to introduce a zombie-themed content and it looks like their wish is going to be granted. The game developer is no stranger to creating a Zombie DLC as they have already done so with their other AAA title, Red Dead Redemption. Even so, GTA 5 players are hoping that the zombie treat coming to them is tons better.

On the downside of things, nobody has a clue to when the Zombie DLC will be rolled out. Some are expecting it to arrive with the 1.17 update but details are still too scarce to confirm it at the moment.


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