2016 Ford Focus RS US Debut In Doubts

There is a lot of confusion on whether the upcoming Ford Focus RS will be released in the US, or not? Looking at the market today, Ford has already got the EcoBoost-powered Lincoln MKC and the Mustang as their performance car.

This has led to many car junkies to speculate that the Focus RS won’t be coming to the US due to the crowded market. While they might have a point, we have reason to believe that the Focus RS will be offered in the US when it gets released in 2016.

This is through analysing Ford’s behaviour in the last decade. Doing so will show Ford having a gung-ho attitude in the home market. Ford has launched many unnecessary vehicles in the last ten years and this trend won’t change for the Focus RS.

The sports hatch is confirmed to run on a newly developed 2.3L EcoBoost engine that delivers a whopping 350hp on the AWD system. Furthermore, the Focus RS will exhibit world class handling thanks to the improved torque vectoring front and rear.

In short, the Focus RS is viewed as the American dream for a performance hatchback. Hence, it deserves to get released here in the US. In the worst possible scenario, Ford could be offering the Focus RS in limited number. There is simply no way for the Focus RS not to debut in the US.

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