GTA 5 Online: Huge Glitch That Won’t Get You Banned

Glitches are a player’s best friend here in the world of GTA 5 Online. This is because most glitches in the game can be exploited so that players can earn money easily and quickly.

The latest working glitch is worth looking into as it does not put the players at risk of getting banned and the rewards are huge. The exploit basically utilize the glitch in a bike race called ‘Dock and Roll’.

In detail, players will need to be on GTA Online, and launch the aforementioned bike race. The more people that participate in the race, the more money players can get. Then, players are required to set the matchmaking to “closed” and they will need to bet $10,000 on themselves.

Next, players will have to run over a wall and kill themselves before being able to pick up the loot from fallen players. All eight players need to repeat the same trick once for every round of the race, and then complete the race after re-spawning. Upon completing the race, the player can earn about $86,000.

Of course, it is best to commit suicide prior to the first checkpoint for it to work. This particular method is currently the quickest and best way to turn into a millionaire in no time.


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