GTA 5 High Life Update: Sweet New Rides To Try

It has been awhile since some new contents got added into GTA 5. Soon, the wait will be over as the High Life DLC gets closer and closer to its release.

Among the great things that are coming with the High Life DLC are the three new vehicles. One is a sports car, one is a super car and the last one is a luxurious SUV.

GTA players don’t have to wait for the High Life DLC to see what the cars are. A leaked video of the cars has surfaced and it gives players a good look at them. (See below)

The sports car is identified as an Aston Martin, the super car is a replica to the Bugatti and the SUV is the Hummer. Of course, the Hummer will be the most sought after when High Life goes live.

Aside from the three cars, there will be a new motorcycle coming to the game as well. It is called the Dinka Thrust. The 2-wheeler is based on a model from Honda and it will cater to those bike enthusiasts.

All in all, high Life DLC will be the biggest content added to GTA 5 when it get released.


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