GTA 5 Cheats & Easter Eggs (Xbox One & PS4)

GTA 5 has already been released to both the Xbox One & PS4. Aside from an improved graphics, the next-gen game also offers some new features and Easter eggs.

Among the many features is the one that allow players to play as an animal. This is through eating the Peyote Plants that will trigger the simulation. In total, there are 27 Peyote Plants scattered around GTA 5.

A cheat website has already been created, revealing all 27 locations of the Peyote Plants. The areas include Mount Chillad, Chamberlain Hills or La Puerta, Raton Canyon, Mount Gordo, Los Santos International Airport, Pacific Ocean, Tongva Hills and Paleto Bay.

Among the animals that players can transform to are hawk, mountain lion, great white shark, orca whale, seagull, chicken, pig, dolphin, Rottweiler, poodle, stingray, crow, cormorant, house cat, hammerhead shark and rabbit.

It is also worth noting that the animal simulation will come to an end whenever the animals get killed. Unfortunately for the players, the Peyote Plants are limited in numbers and will no regenerate so it is best to use them wisely.

As for the Easter eggs, there are two new ones added into the game. At least, the two are the newly discovered ones that are called the Paranormal Easter Eggs and Referential Easter Eggs.


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