Google Pixel XL: How Many Sold So Far

Google have not reveal the actual numbers of Google Pixel and Pixel XL units sold but some people have estimated that the number could be closer to 500k based on the number of Pixel Launcher installs were any indication.

Since most Google Pixel and Pixel XL comes pre-installed with the Pixel Launcher, some people believe that the number of the app install show the estimated amount of Pixel device users out there. However, some people believe that the number might not include the pre-installed Pixel and that the numbers we are looking at now are those who download it using a custom ROM

Of course, other Android device users could also be installing it so the 500k might not be that accurate but it does give us a rough idea of where Google is at with the Pixel devices right now.

In fact, some users are still waiting for the device to arrive.

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