Google Pixel XL Design No Longer A Secret

Will Google have any more surprise for us when they finally unveil the Google Pixel XL?

It was previously revealed that the Google Pixel XL and Pixel might not be dust or water resistance and now, leaker Evan Blass has managed to get his hands on the Google Pixel XL design.

He tweeted the image on Twitter showing the world what the new Google Pixel XL model will look like. Unsurprisingly, the Google Pixel XL model looked just like the standard Pixel model but larger.

While most people seems to be fine with the design that Google will be offering, they all seems to hate the new UI that the Pixel will be coming with. The icons for the apps looks like it was from an older model.

Of course, Google might still be working on it so it might get better when Google officially releases it later this year.

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