Google Pixel Is Worth $4 Billion In 2017, Says Experts

There is no doubt that Google decision to ditch their Nexus plans and start the new Pixel plan was the right decision. The smartphone have been getting a lot of attention and it looks like things will only get better for them next year.

According to Morgan Stanley, the new Google Pixel smartphones would help Google generate close to $3.8 billion in revenue next year as it is estimated that Google could easily sell about 5 to 6 million units next year on top of the estimated 3million that Google will be selling before 2016 ends.

Some people think that its success was because of some of the unique features that the Google Pixel is offering right now like the Google Assistant, the camera, Daydream and more but others think that it might also be because of the missing Samsung phablet.

It looks like 2017 is going to be a great year for Google.

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