Google Nexus 6P Failure Falls On Google Shoulder

When the Google Nexus 6P did not work out, everybody started pointing fingers. Some said that it was Huawei’s fault for giving it such a bad design but most people believe that it was Google that was at fault here.

The consumers blame Google for not spending more to advertise the Google Nexus 6P. Other are saying that Google did not make it easy to get hold of the phone especially for markets outside of the US and that was why they fail to sell enough of the device.

Then there is the price. Google, who is known for selling good smartphones with a reasonable price in the past decided to join Samsung and Apple in pushing out premium phones and that did not sit well with their fans at all.

All of that together might be the reason why the Google Nexus 6P did not work out in the end. Google did manage to turn things around with the new Pixel smartphone, though.

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