Google Nexus 6 Firesale Was Not A 4th July Deal!

Recently over in the UK Motorola put the Nexus 6 on offer and it wasn’t long after this that the handset received seemingly received huge price drops on the Google Store. Anyone wanting to get hold of the handset might have jumped on the chance as the 32GB version of the handset was available for just £303.99 instead of £479.99. The 64GB version was £378.99 instead of £549.99.

However Google apparently made a mistake with the pricing of the Nexus 6 as a spokesperson said that the price should have been by just £80. Instead a technical glitch meant that the handset was reduced by £175. There is good news for those who jumped on the chance to make the saving though as Google have said that their orders will be honoured.

The bad news is that future orders have been corrected and the price for the Nexus 6 32GB is £399 and for the 64GB version it is £479. The news isn’t so bad when you take into account that the device isn’t 10 months old and at the moment it does happen to be one of the best out there.

The Nexus 6 is a device that offers consistent performance and it is looking as though the drop in price isn’t just a short promotion.

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