Google Nexus 5 Running Out Of Time

Like all smartphones makes, Google will only support their devices for two years before throwing them aside and the arrival of the new 2016 Google Nexus device will probably spell the end for the Google Nexus 5 in terms of support.

The new Nexus device will be coming in with the new Android 7.0 Nougat along with a whole list of new features. From what we know so far, HTC will be releasing two Nexus devices this time around. There is not a whole lot of details out there but it is believed that the smaller version, the HTC Nexus codenamed Sailfish will be coming in with a 5inch Full HD display screen.

Of course, we still do not know how these two smartphones will turn out. The latest HTC smartphone was not very well receive and some fans are skeptical about whether or not HTC is able to deliver a great Nexus device this time around.

Of course, if the new devices turn out to be disappointing, users can always wait for a custom ROM to be made and wait for the next Nexus smartphone.

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