Google Nexus 5 Shortcomings Kept Quiet With Quick Fixes

Google flagship phone for 2013 has been the centre of criticism lately as many issues begin to surface. While these issues might not affect the basic phone functions, users are unhappy with the difficulties they are facing.

The biggest issue is with the Nexus 5’s Wi-Fi. The connectivity often gets cut off the moment users move a couple a feet away despite staying close to the router. With every problem, there is a solution.

If you’ve been encountering that issue, simply follow any of these remedies.

1. Enable Airplane mode then turn off or toggle the Wi-Fi on and off to reset the connection.
2. Reboot the Nexus 5.
3. Switch off the Wi-Fi router for 10 seconds then turn it on.
4. On the Nexus 5 Settings menu, select Wireless and networks > Wi-Fi > Forget the network and reconnect accordingly.
5. Update the firmware of the Wi-Fi router. Can be done through checking with your ISP.
6. Change the band on your Nexus 5. Go to Settings > Wireless and networks > Wi-Fi > Menu key > Advance > Wi-Fi frequency band > Try 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz only instead of Auto.
7. Download the Wi-Fi Analyzer app to check problems on the crowded channel.

Aside from that, there has been numerous complains on the Nexus 5 camera being sluggish with photo-taking and the results are always a blurry image. The only solution for this is simply through updating your Android OS as there is a fault with some of the versions.

Finally is the heat issue. Many users find their Nexus 5 heating up rapidly when playing games. It is unknown on what could have caused this. After all, smartphones are powerful computers that doesn’t have a coolant. It is best to try any of the following:

1. Play heavy games in a cool place where there is an active air-conditioner.
2. Avoid exposing the Nexus 5 to direct sunlight.
3. Never leave your phones unattended in a car.
4. Avoid playing demanding games while charging.
5. If none of this works and the Nexus 5 continues to heat up at random, visit your nearest service centers. Protection Status